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Problems and technical requirements of cleaning products packaging

cleaning products refer to cleaning products, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other products with cleaning and hygiene, but it is not uncommon for cleaning products to keep themselves clean. The nozzle of hand sanitizer sometimes drips liquid even if it is not touched; The washing powder has not been opened yet, but a layer of washing powder has been attached to the outside of the bag - just because of the packaging problem, the cleaning products are "not clean"

such problems are not rare, which reflects many deficiencies in China's cleaning products packaging industry. Taking washing products as an example, although the whole industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, with a significant increase in product types and a gradual increase in new products such as liquid detergents, the overall packaging level still lags far behind the international advanced level. In the filling of traditional powdered washing powder, the design level of packaging machinery is not high, resulting in inaccurate measurement and uneven sealing of plastic bags after sealing; The adaptability to powder with different fluidity and specific gravity and packaging with different specifications is poor, and the machine must be manually adjusted before filling, which takes a long time; The degree of automation of packaging equipment is low, and the output of the filling machine of the one-stop line of bag making, filling and sealing is small. Most enterprises use a single filling machine; In addition, a large amount of gas will remain in the packaging bag during filling, and the seal of the plastic bag is easy to crack if it is slightly squeezed, resulting in the leakage of washing powder. In order to solve this problem, some enterprises artificially prick some "exhaust holes" on the plastic bags to exhaust the gas in the bags, but the washing powder will be affected by moisture, affecting the quality of products

the problem of liquid detergent packaging is mainly manifested in the low degree of automation of domestic filling machines, which cannot complete filling and labeling at one time; The production efficiency of the machine is low, and there is a large gap between the measurement accuracy and foreign countries. In addition, the manufacturing level of spray gun is low, the style is backward, the appearance is lack of innovation, and the fineness is poor. Moreover, many domestic enterprises purchase molds directly from abroad, but most of these molds are foreign products that have long been eliminated. There is a lack of the latest design concept in mold design. A mold can produce dozens of products, but there are certain differences between products. If the differences are large, the matching of products is difficult to achieve, resulting in poor sealing of the produced spray gun. With the expansion of the sales radius, the airtightness of the spray gun is not suitable for the long-distance transportation of products. When the spray gun is closed during transportation, the contents leak out

in addition, the aesthetic appearance of products is also a link that washing product manufacturers should pay attention to. According to the analysis of insiders, the main reasons for the large color difference are as follows: first, the uneven ink transfer leads to large printing color deviation, which affects the printing quality; Secondly, the distribution of printing plate points is uneven, the printing plate is worn out after long use, and the point deformation will also affect the printing quality; In addition, during the printing process, the unstable printing pressure leads to uneven point expansion, large color difference of the printed product, uneven color distribution, etc

in addition to the above points, there are also many problems of packaging manufacturers:

1 Technical standards are inconsistent

first of all, packaging containers or plastic bags are required to have the function of protecting products. For example, chemicals such as plastics can't dissolve with their contents for a long time and cause product deterioration. It should also be able to withstand long-distance transportation without leakage. And because it belongs to daily necessities, it should withstand repeated use by consumers, such as the spray gun of hand sanitizer, and its pressing times should reach a certain standard; Secondly, in terms of appearance, the appearance is required to be neat, smooth, burr free, and the printed content is clear and complete. Especially for the container of hand sanitizer, the bottle shape that has been popular at home and abroad has been relatively single, but there are changes in the specification. In order to highlight the brand and attract the attention of buyers, manufacturers pay great attention to the design of the bottle layout. This is why they pay great attention to the bottle printing, such as the clarity and color of the pattern. Let's get a taste of a polymer used more in the Paek family: polyether ether ketone (PEEK) in the field of 3D printing The material supplier and the saturation of 3D printing equipment color have high requirements

2. The service is not considerate

for example, in terms of inspection standards, packaging manufacturers should pay attention to communicating with manufacturers. Some manufacturers have independent enterprise standards, but because many packaging enterprises rely on too general standards in production, they do not quantify whether products are qualified according to data indicators, and some appearance and functional requirements are not described in detail or not. This requires both parties to fully communicate and run in the acceptance standards, inspection methods, cooperation processes, etc. in the early stage of cooperation

3. Weak product development and production capacity

we should pay attention to strengthening our own technical strength, including software such as product research and development capacity, as well as hardware facilities such as production and inspection equipment and instruments. Manufacturers are willing to choose partners with strong development ability, short production cycle and good product quality. The packaging of cleaning products needs to be protective, functional and decorative. The Trinity is the development direction of cleaning products packaging in the future. It includes the extensive use of labels, the development and design of environmental protection materials, the design and improvement of existing packaging, etc

1. Labels will be more and more widely used

because self-adhesive labels enable designers to design packaging containers more freely, they are highly operable, and if there are more than four packaging colors, the cost of labels is lower than that of silk printing. Therefore, self-adhesive labels still have broad development prospects in the world. Take the outer packaging materials of cosmetics in the United States as an example, self-adhesive labels account for about 46% of its outer packaging material market. According to statistics, the demand for self-adhesive labels in China is growing rapidly at a rate of more than 20% every year

at present, the self-adhesive label packaging of domestic cleaning products has the following characteristics: only a few domestic manufacturers have changed from silk printing to self-adhesive labels on the outer packaging, such as "kemibefen" hand sanitizer, "blue moon" hand sanitizer, "VELUX" disinfectant, etc., but both the growth rate and the number of manufacturers are far less than cosmetics manufacturers. In terms of label materials, there are mainly paper labels and film labels. Due to the high technical content of film labels, the cost is much higher than that of paper labels. Generally, there are three layers of film labels, each of which has different requirements. For example, the first layer is required to be well combined with ink, and the third layer is required to be well combined with glue. The middle layer is the carrier, and the color of the label is determined by this layer. Although the price of thin-film labels is high, the preparation technology of new materials such as metal bipolar plates, hydrogen storage and gas absorption; Preparation and utilization technology of super capacitor materials; Good biocompatibility, medical nickel free stainless steel, cobalt based alloy β The advantages of the preparation of new materials such as titanium alloy, titanium nickel shape memory alloy, magnesium alloy and their clinical utilization technology. 5. It is obvious that the machine should not be disassembled without authorization. The growth rate of film labels in the cosmetics industry is very fast. Domestic "kemibefen" hand sanitizer and "VELUX" disinfectant use paper labels, while "lanyueyue" hand sanitizer uses ultra transparent film labels. In mold label is rarely used in China. Although in mold label has good anti-counterfeiting function, the cost is not higher than that of traditional label. It is a new labeling technology with great potential. However, after the packaging containers with in mold labeling are produced, it is impossible to change the label, which has an impact on the production flexibility. This requires manufacturers to have accurate sales forecasts for products, which limits the rapid development of in mold labeling

2. Development and design of green packaging materials

many foreign manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, and whether these materials can be recycled should be considered in the selection of packaging materials, but domestic manufacturers do not seem to pay attention to this problem except for the station. A company in South Africa introduced a new type of packaged washing powder to the market. The package includes an outer box made of kraft paperboard and an inner sleeve made of single-sided kraft liner. The outer carton is printed with UV resistant ink and polished with high gloss transparent paint. The inner sleeve design can prevent the washing powder from sliding out of the open carton, and is conducive to the carton closing after pulling out the tension strip. The top of the carton is buckled on the inner sleeve like a cover. The tear brace is reinforced with PP tape, pulled up with a thin sheet with clear marks and easy to lift, and torn along the scratches on the outer box. There is a small spoon used to distribute the dosage of washing powder in the package, which is convenient for users to use washing powder

3. Plastic containers still occupy an important position, but packaging materials and packaging design need to be constantly innovated

plastic containers are one of the main forms of cleaning products packaging. Today's plastic containers even have the transparent characteristics that only glass used to have. For example, the recent new product PETC is easy to be dyed into various colors, and even after anti UV treatment, the transparency remains unchanged. Recently, an American company launched a product called "bottle of kitchen hand sanitizer with sponge". On the top of the container is an ergonomically designed nozzle, which can be screwed out to facilitate the replenishment and use of hand sanitizer. A solid baffle divides the container into two parts, with hand sanitizer in the front and a sponge hidden behind. There are four oval holes at the bottom of the back part of the container to allow the moisture of the sponge to drain out. The label is printed in 5 colors with a thickness of 6 μ PVC heat shrinkable film, which explains in detail the use of the product with pictures and texts

on the whole, foreign cleaning products enterprises are more skilled than domestic enterprises in the design of outer packaging and the application of materials, and they are also more extensive and creative in the selection of materials

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