Problems caused by the hottest QS packaging logo

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Problems caused by QS package identification

qs is the English abbreviation of food quality and safety. If a product has QS mark, it means that the product has passed the mandatory inspection and is allowed to enter the market. Therefore, QS packaging label not only standardizes the competition mechanism between businesses in the industry, but also provides a guarantee for product quality and safety for those who have high potential to receive and receive resources again. However, at present, some new problems of QS packaging logo in the market, such as labeling sales, fake QS, imperfect QS standards and regulations, have greatly reduced the role of QS packaging logo

supermarket homemade pastries should also be

main content: some kinds of homemade pastries in supermarkets are sealed with plastic film, some are packaged with cake paper, and some are simply exposed. I picked up a small cake with paper packaging, but I didn't find the QS mark or any instructions about the production license of food packaging paper. Not only that, the bread packed in plastic film and the bulk pasta packed in plastic bags also have no QS mark

the luxury moon cake box is actually printed with a fake QS logo

main content: the luxury moon cake box is actually printed with a fake QS logo. Recently, a local administration for Industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with three problematic food stores selling moon cake packaging and moon cakes. The mooncakes in this store not only do not have the QS mark, but also are purely three no products. In 2014, the market of carbon fiber composites for aircraft was 454.9 billion yen (about 23.7 billion yuan). What puzzled law enforcement officers was that the luxury moon cake packaging sold by the store had no factory name and address, but was openly printed with the QS logo. Law enforcement officers confiscated more than 500 packaging boxes with QS logo privately printed on the spot, and seized all three no moon cakes

bread packaging paper without QS logo. Attention should be paid to the main content of the purchase of goods:

in many functional supermarkets and wholesale markets, it was found that there are still not a few packaging paper and paper containers close to food without QS logo. Cakes and bread wrappers sold in pastry shops and bakeries, as well as paper containers for cooked food, such as roast chicken and pulp goods sold in major supermarkets, rarely carry QS marks. Leeper grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA

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