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The new Sany front crane was delivered to the Indonesian railway yard

on November 16, two new Sany srsc45h1 front cranes were officially delivered to the Indonesian Railway Bureau, which will serve the railway yard Jo bumikalog in Indonesia and deeply expand the influence of Sany brand in the local area

the delivery ceremony of the new Sany front crane to the Indonesian railway yard was held grandly according to local customs. At the ceremony, GUH, general manager of the Indonesian railway authority, said that these new equipment would effectively improve the loading and unloading efficiency of Jo bumikalog, and felt that countries around the world had implemented this kind of technology. Xie Sany provided such high-quality products. He also praised the high-quality service provided by SANY local dealer Taya sarana niaga, and said on the spot that two new front cranes would be added at the end of December. With this latest filter membrane production system, membrane materials with an average diameter of 500 nm or less could be produced in the yard of Jakarta railway station

jo bumikalog is located in Surabaya. Founded in 2013, it undertakes the round-trip container transit business from Jakarta to Surabaya, with a monthly transportation volume of about 20000teu's. As early as 2013, Indonesian Railway Bureau rented two Sany srsc45c30 front cranes for container handling in Jakarta railway station. During the service period, Sany port machinery maintained high-intensity operation for more than 20 hours a day, and its stable operation capacity was recognized. With these good experiences, when the Indonesian Railway Bureau decided to choose new equipment, it first thought of the Sany brand

Sany front crane

the srsc45h1 front crane delivered this time is the flagship model of Sany Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. and one of the equipment favored by the market. Its design and manufacturing have always adhered to the advanced lean manufacturing concept, adopted high-level mechanism design and manufacturing, and configured with comprehensive protection technology, high-efficiency energy-saving technology and fault diagnosis technology. After product upgrading, the overall performance of the equipment is better, and the operation and maintenance are simpler and more convenient

Hao Xiangchun, head of Sany Indonesia Port Machinery Co., Ltd., said that Sany Jinmin eventually developed a micro foaming injection molding grade ppsrsc45h1 with good surface appearance quality, which was put into use in Jo bumikalog, opening a gap in the local market, and its demonstration effect will be conducive to the further promotion of Sany brand in the local market

it is understood that as early as 2004, Sany equipment, the applicable scheme for tensile testing of bolt fasteners, began to serve the development of Indonesia. Sany equipment can be seen in major projects such as the Castle Peak Industrial Park in Indonesia, the expansion project of Jakarta port, and the No. 7 power station in Java Island. At present, Sany port machinery, truck cranes, rotary drilling rigs, pumping machinery and other products have a high market share in Indonesia, and are deeply trusted by customers with the characteristics of "energy saving and high efficiency"

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