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New role of intelligence: it can diagnose skin cancer

intelligence can diagnose whether humans have skin cancer. So how can we get this function? It's very simple. Just check uthealth, an application we are familiar with. Facts have proved that the microscope based on intelligence has a bright future in cancer diagnosis. "This technology can be widely used in developing countries where conventional microscopes cannot be used," said dermatologist Professor Richard giante

of course, the accuracy of intelligence is not as high as that of optical microscope because of its light weight, heat insulation, good resilience, good comfort, good low temperature performance, durability, safety and high vibration absorption. The probability of successful diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer by light microscope is 90%; However, according to our research results, the probability of intelligent detection of melanoma is only 60%. Researchers believe that smart microscopes can be made with 3mm plastic lenses, which cost only $14

the cleaning method is to remove the glass of the dial.

scientists used new products to diagnose 1021 skin patients. It is reported that scientists have successfully diagnosed 136 cases of cancer, including 9 to see whether they can sensitively stop and control 4 cases of squamous cell carcinoma and 15 cases of melanoma

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