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The dealer admitted that there was a problem with the quality of the newly installed holy elephant floor drum crack

the dealer admitted that there was a problem with the quality of the newly installed holy elephant floor drum crack

October 29, 2013

[China paint information] buying a new house and moving to a new house is a great joy in life for many people. However, when Mr. Li, the owner of Jinbao villa, finished the decoration of his house and was ready to move to a new house, he found that the sacred elephant wooden floor installed in the house had quality problems such as bulges and cracks in a large area. For this reason, Mr. Li has communicated with Huizhou dealers and manufacturers of Shengxiang home appliances for 5 months, but there is still no satisfactory result

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the elephant wood floor installed in Mr. Li's house has a large area of bulge and cracking

A few days after the installation of the wooden floor, there was a bulge and crack.

recently, Nanfang received a report from Mr. Li that it spent 15670 yuan to buy the holy elephant wooden floor at the holy elephant home store in Guanghui home town in May this year, and began to install it in its new house in Jinbaoshan villa on May 7

after the wooden floor is installed, you can move to your new house by adding furniture and household appliances. Thinking of this, Mr. Li was very excited. However, just after he bought all the furniture and household appliances, he found that the wooden floor, which had been installed for a few days, began to bulge and crack, and the area was getting larger and larger

on the morning of October 27, Mr. Li led him down to his new house in Jinbao villa and saw the living room and three rooms with dense lattices painted on the red brown wooden floors. Li sometimes makes it difficult to draw a brace. Mr. Li told that the area where the grid was drawn was the area where the bulge and cracking were more obvious. Squat down and check carefully. It is found that there are local bulges and cracks in the middle of some floors, and the splices of some floors are slightly cocked

the dealer admitted that there was a problem with the quality of this wooden floor

according to Mr. Li, he began to report the situation to the dealer in May, but it was not until the middle and late August that the dealer and the manufacturer sent people to inspect it successively. After the on-site inspection, the relevant person in charge of the dealer and the manufacturer admitted that it was indeed a quality problem and promised to replace the same style of wooden floor for Mr. Li free of charge

Mr. Li told him that he was an old customer of the sacred elephant flooring, and he originally trusted this brand, but he didn't expect that the wooden flooring installed this time had a large area of quality problems within a few days. He proposed two solutions to the dealers and manufacturers, either return the goods and refund, and re purchase other brands of wood flooring for installation; Or replace another holy elephant wooden floor with better quality and slightly more expensive price. But the dealer didn't agree

"it was originally intended to enter the new house on the auspicious day of August 6, but the quality problem of the wooden floor has not been solved so far, so we can't move in." Mr. Li said helplessly

on the morning of October 27, I interviewed Mr. ou, the head of Huizhou general distributor of Shengxiang furniture. Mr. Ou said that the bulging and cracking of the wooden floor installed in Mr. Li's home was indeed a quality problem. However, Mr. Ou said, "it's hard for me to say whether it's a product quality problem or an installation process problem."

Mr. Ou told that after discovering the quality problems of the wooden floor, they and the manufacturer had actively negotiated with Mr. Li and agreed to replace the same style of wooden floor for free, but the other party had been dissatisfied. "Their requirements are too high. The total price of the wooden floor is only 16000 yuan. He asked to replace another wooden floor with a more expensive one with a price difference of 6000 yuan. We can't meet his requirement of replacing the wooden floor with a higher price for free."

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Huizhou consumer committee: if there is a problem with the quality of the floor, you can replace the equivalent products above

in response to this matter, on October 27, we interviewed Wang Yan, Deputy Secretary General of the state and Municipal Consumer Commission, who is a shielding mechanism with microwave absorption as the main mechanism. Wang Yan said that when encountering such problems, we should first confirm whether it is the quality problem of the product itself, rather than man-made. If there is a quality problem in a very short time, it is obviously the problem of the product itself. In this case, consumers should first pay attention to evidence collection, keep documents and other information, and take photos

Wang Yan said that the wooden floor has not been included in the national hard "Three Guarantees" regulations at present, but since it is a commodity for sale, its quality should be guaranteed to a certain extent. These sawdust come from forests managed in accordance with strict environmental and social standards. It is clearly stipulated in the consumer protection law and the obligation of operators. Quality problems within the warranty period should be refundable, exchangeable and repairable

"there is a certain basis for Mr. Li to propose to replace another product with better quality. Replaceable means that products with the same price or more can be replaced. However, for specific standards, relevant laws and regulations, because the spring changes, the main torque of the experimental machine comes from the spring. There is no clear standard, which needs to be negotiated by consumers and businesses." Wang Yan said that if businesses fail to fulfill their obligations of "Three Guarantees", consumers can complain to the Consumer Council and the industrial and commercial department where the operator is located, or arbitrate or litigate through the arbitration committee and the court

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