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A new round of breakthrough battle in 2018 started, and industry leaders supported the new growth of LED

"now, the LED industry has reached a relatively stable growth cycle, and I define the current normal of the overall industry as a stable new normal. In the future, with the continuous expansion of large enterprises, the industry concentration will be higher and higher, but in the new cycle, there will be some changes." Dr. ZhangXiaoFei, chairman of senior engineering led, proposed at the 2018 spring tea meeting

on March 10, the 2018 senior engineering led spring tea held by senior engineering led, the leader of LED supply chain and capital integration, was held in Qingqing world, Shenzhen. More than 40 heads of LED industry chain enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region gathered together to discuss and exchange new starting points, new discoveries and new strategies for the development of LED industry in the new year

first of all, Dr. ZhangXiaoFei, chairman of LED of senior engineering, delivered a keynote speech on "stabilizing the new normal and enterprise breakthrough" at the meeting. Starting from the upstream, middle and downstream of the LED industry chain, he focused on sharing the current situation, future and Breakthrough Strategies of the chip, packaging and downstream application markets

about the maintenance knowledge of the upstream chip testing machine, GGII data shows that the output value of LED chips in Chinese Mainland reached 18.8 billion yuan in 2017, accounting for nearly 40% of the global LED chip output value. GGII predicts that the growth rate of LED chip output in Chinese Mainland will slow to 14.4% in 2018, reaching 21.5 billion yuan. With the continuous release of LED chip capacity, GGII predicts that the price of LED chips will decline by about 10% - 20%

in fact, since October 2017, the price of chip 2835 has been reduced by 15%-20%, and the price reduction trend has emerged. According to Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, "the chip prices of different enterprises are different. I believe that the planning strategy of each LED chip enterprise will change this year."

How can large LED chip enterprises break through? Dr. ZhangXiaoFei gave the following three suggestions: 1. Actively expand production, form scale advantages, and improve their market share; 2. On the one hand, expand overseas OEM business, OEM for International LED chip giants, and improve their own capacity utilization and chip manufacturing technology. On the other hand, through acquisition or technology research and development, we can establish our own patent pool and expand the overseas packaging market and high-end application (such as automobile and flash lamp) market. 3. Take advantage of the national semiconductor industry policy to expand semiconductor business

with regard to the midstream packaging industry, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said: "according to my observation, the top ten packaging enterprises are not strong enough to expand production, and the 'benefits' of expanding production have not been fully reflected. In the next three years, large enterprises still need to expand production, and if they do not continue to expand production, the gross profit margin will continue to decline."

for large enterprises, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei suggests three ways to break through in 2018: 1. Enhance their own R & D strength, improve product quality, and actively expand the high-end market; 2. Expand the business of overseas packaging OEM and overseas lighting enterprises, digest their own production capacity, and avoid fierce domestic market competition; 3. Expand to the downstream lighting direction through acquisition, find a sea outlet for its own packaging capacity, and improve capacity utilization

for small and medium-sized enterprises, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei suggested the following two ways to break through in 2018: 1. Avoid the price war with large enterprises, deeply cultivate the market segments and achieve the ultimate; 2. Give play to the advantages of small ships and good turnaround, provide customization for downstream application enterprises, and expand sales

with regard to downstream applications, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said that in terms of the overall output value of LED downstream applications, the growth rate has declined, but the growth rate itself is not bad. At the same time, thanks to the explosion of small spacing LED displays, the LED display market has also got rid of the previous low-speed growth trend; In addition, led niche markets such as LED lamps, LED intelligent lighting, led plant lighting and other emerging markets also showed an increase of more than 20%

for small and medium-sized enterprises, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei suggested the following two ways to break through in 2018: 1. Deeply cultivate market segments and embrace small and beautiful markets with high added value; 2. Gather closely with customers, understand the pain points of end users, and be able to customize personalized solutions for customers

then, representatives of midstream enterprises in the industrial chain came to the stage to share their respective layouts and future plans. Zhuyulin, director of Jingyuan optoelectronics product management, said that Jingyuan optoelectronics is not good at making products with fierce price competition, but pays more attention to R & D innovation and technological innovation. We will not compete with other manufacturers in terms of price. We will pursue products that have been widely used in various safety lampshades and signal lamps for "beauty" from the perspective of consumers

Quan Jinsong, vice chairman of zhaochi, introduced the successful experience of zhaochi in integration and expansion: on the one hand, resources are complementary; On the other hand, it is the decision-making of the management. The management needs to do enough homework and can't make decisions based on the superiority of the enterprise alone

as for the upstream and downstream expansion, Quan Jinsong said that one of the reasons why zhaochi decided to move up: we are an enterprise with relatively large net capital and output. Based on our asset advantages and equipment advantages, now we hope to make more investment in the optoelectronic industry and combine with the government

song Changning, general manager of xinyichang, shared the relevant information of xinyichang. Song Changning said that in 2017, the overall price of our equipment was reduced by about 5%, but the overall profit increased by more than 30 million. At present, the R & D cost of xinyichang accounts for 6% of the total sales. We plan to increase the R & D capital to about 10% of the total sales in the next few years, so as to make our equipment have more say

Zhang Luhua, general manager of smeade, points out that this research achievement has opened up a new way for the research of cooling or heating materials and shared his understanding of lighting packaging. He said that for lighting packaging, the overall concentration is a little lower than that of chips and higher than that of downstream applications. As we all know, the price of general lighting has been "rotten", and the market competition of lamp tubes, bulbs and panel lamps is very fierce

therefore, he believes that the development trend of lighting packaging in the future is centralized distribution under the guidance of government policies. At present, two major led industrial zones have been formed in China, Nanchang Optical Valley and Yiwu. In addition, it is scale. For packaging enterprises, the key is their own scale and efficiency. The technological PK between enterprises has been diluted, and the gap between scale and efficiency will slowly be reflected in the future. In addition, the shortening of the entire industrial chain will also have a certain effect on efficiency

Gongwen, chairman of Jingtai Co., Ltd., said that after ten years of development, Jingtai Co., Ltd. has continuously cut down lighting packaging and consumer products, focusing on the field of display packaging. As for the two emerging technologies of micro led and mini led, Gong Wen said that there is still a long way to go in the future, mainly due to two technologies to be overcome, one is massive transfer technology, and the other is chip miniaturization technology

District Jianpeng, deputy general manager of Sanxiong Aurora, said that we have encountered two major problems in manufacturing this year: the first is the cost, because the cost of plastic materials and packaging materials is rising, resulting in the rising cost of lighting fixtures, resulting in greater pressure on profits; The second is the problem of manpower. Since the Spring Festival, it has been difficult to recruit manpower, resulting in increased costs and recruitment difficulties

therefore, our investment in automation will increase this year. A few years ago, many enterprises invested heavily in automation equipment, but because the products were not very mature and the market could not keep up, many equipment were idle and did not have obvious effects. Therefore, we will carefully increase the investment in automated production according to our own needs

Qian Xuexing, general manager of chenri technology, said that we are now paying attention to strip light sources. For our material enterprises, the biggest advantage is that the number is still increasing. The potential is to add materials and improve the packaging process to make the finished products of light sources. Here are some spans that are helpful for some application scenarios. We believe that although the market competition of t5/t8 is very fierce, we have saved a lot of links and costs

Qian Xuexing said that chenri technology only needs to provide light sources, and lamp manufacturers can carry out production processes and assemble them to form a lamp tube. Including panel lamps and outdoor backlight products in the future, they have advantages

Chen Hao, director of maoshuo electronic brand operation, said frankly that the development of drive power supply has been a quite mature industry, and now everyone is pursuing only one requirement of reliability. How can maoshuo continue to go down

Chen Hao introduced that first, take the differentiation route, which has a relatively high profit; Second, we still hope to add some added value. At present, the traditional drive power supply has no way to go. Our focus is to highlight the added value of the power supply, in other words, take the intelligent route

in the subsequent links, nearly 40 enterprise leaders from the industrial chain focused on the integration and expansion of upstream chip enterprises. How did they affect chip prices? Differentiation of packaging products: cost performance or differentiation Does technology decide the market or does the market decide technology What do lighting enterprises rely on to win? Channel? Price? Product X property How far is the actual demand and ideal realization of production automation Newly discovered market space and ownership: plant lighting? Car lighting? UV? Small spacing products Competitive situation at home and abroad: is the world peaceful or is it prone to earthquakes? Warlord separatism or world unification And other topics

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