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High strength packaging steel strip and its manufacturing process

patent name high strength packaging steel strip and its manufacturing process patent applicant Wang Hongke main applicant address 114041 No. 38, Min'an street, Jiubao, Qianshan District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province inventor Wang Hongke application (patent) No 8. Application date: 2004.04.13 date of issuance approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: 2005.10.19 CD-ROM No. d0542 main classification No. c22c38/04 sub industry has not been standardized, and the regulatory classification No. c22c38/04 is missing; The invention belongs to the field of packaging steel strip, in particular to a high-strength packaging steel strip and its manufacturing process. The carbon manganese steel hot-rolled coil is selected as the raw material, and the carbon manganese steel comprises the following initial components (weight percentage) of the experimental machine: c:0.15 ~ 0.28%; Si:0.005~0.07%; Mn:1.20~1.70%; P:0.005~0.025%; S: 0.00 automatic shutdown protection; 4. Organize exchange activities with government units and other XPS related industry associations; 05~0.015%; ALS: 0.015 ~ 0.10%, and the rest is Fe. The coil is cold rolled after longitudinal shearing and pickling, and then the cold rolled steel strip is sent to the continuous heating furnace to heat the steel strip to 400 ~ 600 ℃, which is cooled after the steel strip is out of the furnace. The tensile strength of the high-strength packaging steel strip is not less than 930mpa, and the elongation is not less than 8%. The high-strength packaging steel belt of the invention not only has stable mechanical performance and can meet the performance requirements of high-strength packaging steel belt, but also its manufacturing process can replace the traditional lead bath quenching heat treatment process when manufacturing high-strength packaging steel belt, with low cost and no pollution. Sovereignty item 1 A high-strength packaging steel strip, which is characterized in that the high-strength packaging steel strip is carbon manganese steel mainly containing the following components: c:0.15 ~ 0.28%; Si:0.005~0.07%; Mn:1.2~1.7%; P:0.005~0.025%; S:0.0005~0.015%; ALS: 0.015 ~ 0.10%, the rest is Fe, and the percentage is weight percentage. International application international announcement date of entry into the country patent agency Beijing Lucheng interbank Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. institutional address agent xujinguo

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