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On December 8, a group of special "scavengers" dressed in red ribbons came up on the street in the new urban area of Yucheng County, holding garbage picking clips in one hand and garbage bags in the other, and they walked while picking up mineral water bottles, peels, waste paper, cigarette butts Packaging bags and other garbage. It turned out that under the leadership of the City Administration Bureau of the county, the students of Chunlai high school in Yucheng County went into the street to carry out the volunteer activity of "picking up garbage in Yucheng without landing"

on the same day, 40 Chunlai high school students and team leading teachers set out from the gate of Chunlai high school, looking for and picking up household garbage littered on the road. Although through the hard work of sanitation workers, garbage can hardly be seen on the urban roads, white garbage such as mineral water bottles, plastic packaging and paper towels still appear from time to time in the flower beds beside the two 1.5875mm steel balls on the road. The busy figures picked up by volunteers also attracted some citizens who took a walk to actively participate in the activities

the volunteers involved expressed their hope to use their own practical actions to arouse people's awareness of environmental sanitation of glass fiber reinforced cement lightweight porous partition board jc666 (1) 997, and advocate more citizens to pay attention to the environment and care for their homes. "The activity of picking up garbage on the street with welded or cast flanges seems simple, but picking up garbage all the way is really not an easy job." Volunteer Chen Su said

according to Zhang Lin, leader of the environmental sanitation new town brigade of Yucheng County Urban Administration Bureau, in order to actively respond to Yucheng and create a cleaner, tidy, civilized and orderly urban living environment, the activity aims to return the urban streets to a clean and tidy place by picking up the garbage discarded on the streets, and at the same time, take this opportunity to let volunteers feel the hard work of environmental sanitation workers in practice and cherish a clean and tidy living environment

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