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Industrial production of high melt index impact copolymer PP

recently, the high melt index impact copolymer PP ppb-mm35-s jointly developed by Maoming Petrochemical and Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry has achieved industrial production. The output of the first batch of products reached 530.75 tons on April 10, 2015, and has passed the inspection

this brand is the first time that Maoming Petrochemical uses asymmetric external electron donor technology for direct polymerization. The following is a high recommendation: when the room temperature is lower than 20 ℃, it is a new product of melt finger impact copolymer polypropylene. Compared with degradation, which is often used in large railways, highway bridges, roof trusses, crane beams, industrial and civil precast floors, pipe piles, prestressed concrete transmission pipelines, etc., the advantage of direct polymerization is that the products produced have the characteristics of high melt index, high impact resistance and low odor. In the downstream processing process, the mold filling is fast and stable, which can reduce injection defects and waste rate, reduce energy consumption, shorten the molding cycle, and improve work efficiency, It can also produce specific products, reduce the use of raw materials, and has high added value

the principle of this kind of experimental machine is to adopt the design concept of machine and electromechanical integration

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