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High fidelity printing improves the effect of multi-color printing

the key technology in realizing high fidelity printing is the hi fi color printing method of adding RGB ink to CMYK ink. High precision plus and frequency modulation plus are two ways to refine the points as far as possible to the extent that the eyes cannot see, so that the subtle parts of the picture can be reproduced

for cmyk4 color printing, the plate making ink has imperfect spectral characteristics, resulting in secondary color (RGB) turbidity. Instead, it is replaced with bright RGB ink to achieve color reproduction close to the primary color. This printing method is called hi fi color printing

when overprinting 2-color inks, because the spectral characteristics of each color ink contain unwanted variegates, 3 Stretching space (mm): 600% reduction in secondary color saturation, which is the limit of subtractive mixing obtained by CMYK ink. Therefore, replacing the secondary color with high saturation color ink is the biggest innovation of high fidelity printing

the feature of high fidelity printing is to help expand the overall color space of printing, which is effective for pictures of any color. In addition, the part of the increase in the number of inks when the color oil is conditional is due to the narrowing of the spectral width held by the ink. Even if the printing density of other CMY inks varies, it will not directly affect the overall color balance and gray balance. Therefore, the secondary and tertiary colors are stable in the printing process

in the case of spot color, the corresponding number of color inks is required according to the number of colors. In the case of high fidelity printing, at most, black ink is added, and all colors can be reproduced with 7 colors. Moreover, if all colors are not included in the color original, the number of colors can also be reduced to 5 or 6 colors, and the saturation and hue of RGB ink can be changed according to the requirements, which can better improve the reproducibility of the required colors

open up the field of diversified material utilization. Now the advantages of the above high fidelity printing methods are summarized as follows:

1 Increase the saturation of secondary colors (R, G, b) (unlimited colors)

2. During the printing process, the secondary and tertiary colors remain stable

3. Only choose ACR foaming processing aids 5.0~8.0 RGB inks that are effective for pictures

4. Choose the saturation and hue of RGB ink with pictures

in order to achieve high fidelity printing, the following technologies are available

1. Multi color separation

2 GCR(gray component replacement)

3. FM plus

4 Color proofing for high fidelity printing

5 Automatic adjustment of ink volume

6 Automatic registration of printing

the above listed technologies can improve the effect of multicolor lithography, so as to obtain stable and high-quality prints

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