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On the morning of April 22, the head office of Wuqing Development Zone and the China Academy of Textile Sciences held a signing ceremony for the high-tech park project of the Chinese Textile Academy at the head office of the development zone. Yuan Tongli, Secretary of the district Party committee, Zhong Shuming, member of the Standing Committee of the district Party committee and Secretary of the working committee of the Development Zone, and Zhao Qiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Textile Sciences, attended the ceremony

On behalf of the district Party committee and the district government, Yuan Tongli welcomed the settlement of the high tech park project of the China Textile Academy in Wuqing. He said that the scientific and technological level of the high-tech park project of the Chinese Textile Academy gb/t 3923.1 ⑴ 997 textiles tensile properties of fabrics Part 1: Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break the spline method is high, the investment scale is large, and the driving ability is strong. The settlement of the project in the Development Zone fully reflects the trust in the overall environment of Wuqing. Wuqing will adhere to the concept of "serving others is developing itself", provide all-round services for the project construction, and promote the development and growth of enterprises in Wuqing

China General Technology Group is a wholly state-owned company established in 1998. It is one of the 53 backbone central enterprises directly managed by the central government. It is the largest bidding procurement and technology introduction service provider in China. The main standard experimental methods are usually about the shape and size of the test piece, whether there is a gap The conditions for making the test piece (forming method) the state conditioning of the test piece (temperature, humidity) the experimental conditions (temperature, humidity, experimental machine, load, loading speed, etc.) are strictly regulated. It is one of the enterprises that export large-scale and complete sets of equipment, international engineering contracting, foreign economic and technological cooperation, and one of the most important mechanical and electrical products import, distribution and technical service enterprises. Founded in 1956, China Textile Research Institute was transformed from a scientific research institution into a large-scale science and technology enterprise directly under the central government in 1999, and was incorporated into China General Technology Group as a whole in 2009. It is the largest comprehensive research and development institution in the textile industry. The high-tech park of China Textile Academy signed this time is invested and established by China General Technology Group and China Textile Research Institute. The project covers an area of 294 mu, with a total investment of 1billion yuan. Relying on the technology and talent advantages of China General Technology Group and China Textile Research Institute, the high-tech park will carry out the development of key technologies and new products in the fields of high-performance fibers and their composites, industrial textiles, etc. It will be built into a national demonstration base for the development and transfer of industrialized technology, the cultivation and accumulation of industrialized high-end talents, and the production of high value-added products in the field of new materials with the recovery of the economy. After the completion of the project, the annual operating income is expected to be more than 5billion yuan, which can drive Wuqing to form an industrial cluster with an output value of nearly 10 billion yuan and has entered Apple's supply chain

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