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High capacitance film capacitor packaging

Alps electric and north recently announced that they are jointly developing the technology of packaging high capacitance film capacitors in the internal backplane of LSI packaging. The goal is to apply it to products within three years. Alps electric believes that "this technology must be used by high-speed logic LSIs with operating frequencies above several GHz ~ 10GHz"

the technology developed this time refers to packaging decoupling capacitors (g capacitors such as deciplinqei) that were previously packaged outside LSI packaging into the interior. This will minimize the distance between the capacitor and the flip chip. Since the parasitic induction of the closed internal wiring is reduced, the charge can be quickly supplied to the flip chip when switching. As a result, the power supply voltage can be more stable

the trial production of capacitor built-in backplane for microprocessors and chipsets has been completed. Customer testing is about to begin. The material and relative permittivity of the film capacitor built in the backplane have not been published. "In terms of the capacity of thin-film capacitors, the preparation system and the correlation mechanism between material properties and components have been explored, which has not yet reached the level that fully meets the requirements of customers. However, there are already prospects for using materials in future products" (ALPS electric)

according to Alps electric, the reason for choosing North for joint development is that the company's printed circuit board technology is very suitable for high-speed LSI. Because North's technology uses bulk copper solder bumps of non solder paste materials on the connecting materials between wiring layers. For example, "ALIVH" and "b2it" and other existing printed circuit boards, the connecting materials between the wiring layers are copper and silver solder paste materials respectively. The resistivity of ordinary solder paste materials is several times higher than that of bulk metal materials. Under the same induction and capacitance conditions, the higher the resistivity, the longer the signal delay time. Therefore, it is difficult to carry out high-speed transmission

source: China Mechatronics provides automotive manufacturers with high-performance materials and processing technology

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