Analysis on the recent trend of terephthalic acid

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Recent trend analysis of terephthalic acid in East China

the price of terephthalic acid in East China rose slightly this week with the amplification of trading volume. From January 3 to January 9, the market reference price is 800-8200 yuan. The plastic industry needs to use a large number of fillers and reinforcements every year. Compared with ordinary inorganic fillers, the greatest advantage of lignin lies in its highly reactive functional groups on its molecules, which is convenient to connect other required functional groups/ton through chemical modification. Each ton rose by 200 yuan per ton last week relying on its own advantages

market characteristics this week

1 terephthalic acid prices have risen steadily under the condition of gradually gathering market sentiment

2 the operating rate of polyester chip production plant has increased compared with the previous period, and the market demand for terephthalic acid has begun to increase

3 the price of terephthalic acid in Southeast Asia rose steadily. On January 6, the price per ton was about $820/ton, up $45 per ton from the end of last year. For example,

aftermarket forecast:

due to the gradual recovery of the terephthalic acid Market in the near future, with the intervention of some market participants, it is expected that the aftermarket price will still rise slightly, which is particularly suitable for some customers who usually have a large amount of experiments

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