Analysis on the recent trend of PS market at home

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Recent domestic and international PS market trend analysis

Asian market

the demand for PS in Asia has decreased and the inventory has been overstocked, resulting in repeated price declines. Although the price of styrene monomer began to rise, it had no significant impact on the PS market, the market sentiment was generally low, and the large manufacturers did not reduce the operating rate. The market in August is also not optimistic. At present, the Asian market price is approaching the psychological price of $500/ton. The manufacturer said that if the price of styrene is so high, the only way is to reduce the operating rate of PS, because the current market is really unprofitable

last week, the price of most GPPS in Asia fell to about $510/ton (CFR), and hips was $20/ton higher than GPPS. There are Korean manufacturers who intend to sell GPPS at US $515/ton (CFR Hong Kong) or US $525/ton (including dock charges). The quotation of Taiwan manufacturers is also in USD/ton (CFR China). Relatively speaking, the prices of Thai and Iranian goods are lower. There are buyers who want to buy 100 tons of GPPS class cargo, and offer $500/ton (CFR Hong Kong) or $510/ton (including dock charges). At present, the upstream SM market price is USD/ton (FOB Korea)

domestic market

last week, the domestic market was basically stable, and the price did not decline significantly. Although the manufacturers have signed the Suixi technology transfer strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai University, the operating rate is not high, and the inventory is not very high. Some corresponding experimental data are obtained. However, in the current market, facing the weak market demand of downstream users, they still feel great pressure. Due to the rebound in the price of styrene, traders saw some hope in the confusion, so the market was a little more active, and the number of inquiry people also increased. Few people dared to purchase in large quantities, most of them were very cautious, and transactions were mainly in small batches. The manufacturer still retains all preferential measures for shipment, otherwise the sales work will be difficult to continue

Yanshan Petrochemical began to stop for maintenance on August 5, but Yangzi Petrochemical will resume operation at the same time. Qilu Petrochemical announced that it would continue to stop for overhaul and would not start up this year. The ex factory prices of various manufacturers remained basically stable, except for a slight reduction by some manufacturers. In fact, all manufacturers promote sales by lowering the price of large quantities

the first reason for bearing the brunt is that China does not pay attention to friction and wear. In East China, the market price of gp666d of Yanhua is 5800 yuan/ton, the market price of gp7535 of Qilu Petrochemical is 6000 yuan/ton, the GPPS price of Yangba is yuan/ton, the market price of Shantou marine GPPS is yuan/ton, and the market price of hips is yuan/ton. The price has basically remained unchanged; The price of GP525 in Zhanjiang new China and the United States is 5750 yuan/ton, and the price of GPPS in Sanshui Zhonghai is yuan/ton, both of which are about 100 yuan lower than the previous week. In Guangdong, the arrival price of Zhanjiang new Sino American GP525 in the Pearl River Delta is 5800 yuan/ton, unchanged; The delivered price of GPPS of Sanshui Zhonghai and Guanghua Petrochemical is 57. After the spring is produced, it is 50 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan; The GP525 price of Panjin Ethylene is 5500 yuan/ton, and the hi825 price is 5700 yuan/ton; The price of PG-33 of Zhenjiang Qimei is about 6100 yuan/ton, and the price of ph88 is 6500 yuan/ton. In Fujian, the ticket free price of GPPS in Zhanjiang xinzhongmei is 5800 yuan/ton


the peak of parking and maintenance of domestic manufacturers has passed half, and the market still failed to take this opportunity to get out of the trough. Qilu Petrochemical announced that it would not resume the production of PS in the second half of this year, mainly because the outlook is not optimistic. At present, the price of PS is very low, and the manufacturers have little profit to make. Yanshan Petrochemical will start more than 70 days of shutdown and overhaul in the next phase, but at the same time, Yangzi Petrochemical will resume operation in early August. The two factors offset each other and will not have a positive impact on the market

market participants generally lack confidence in the future market, and the market behavior is very cautious. The future market is not optimistic. This week, the domestic PS market will be mainly stable, but at the same time, it is still possible to continue to decline slightly

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