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Recent trend analysis of some raw materials in Southwest China

phthalic anhydride: the market trend is relatively stable, and the price fluctuates slightly. Affected by the reduction of phthalic anhydride production, the spot supply in the southwest market is tight, but the market trading is not prosperous, and the purchase is still dominated by small batches. Another member of the team, the American Composite Industry Association (ACMA), will provide support for the Institute. A few middlemen have certain replenishment behavior, and the price of goods seeking increases slightly. The sales of traders are general, and the price fluctuates slightly. In the future, the external market has rebounded slightly recently, which will stimulate the market mentality. If the market supply remains low, the market is expected to rebound slowly. At present, the market price of phthalic anhydride in Southwest China is/ton

formaldehyde: the market is still weak, and the price is slightly lower. Recently, transactions in the southwest formaldehyde Market hovered at a low level, the market trading atmosphere was quiet, and traders' shipments were not smooth. The downturn in the downstream plate market has restricted the production of adhesives, which in turn has affected the sales of formaldehyde. Although the methanol market has rebounded slightly recently, it has failed to drive the rebound of formaldehyde prices. Under the constraints of cost pressure and shipping difficulties, most formaldehyde manufacturers continued to stop, and the price fell slightly. In the future, the market is expected to stabilize slowly due to the recent price of raw material methanol 2, the technical parameters of automotive interior materials testing machine: the grid is slightly warmer, and the gradual consumption of the overall supply stock. At present, the market price of formaldehyde in Southwest China is 1150 ~ 1300 yuan/ton

methanol: the market trend is flat, and the price is slightly weak. Although the start-up of local methanol plants is not high, the downstream formaldehyde manufacturers have low start-up due to the pressure of loss, and the demand for methanol is very light, making the manufacturers' sales relatively slow. At present, only in this way can Sichuan Chongqing methanol ensure the safety of personnel during operation and prolong the service life of plastic tensile testing machine. The mainstream ex factory quotation is yuan/ton. The market trading volume shrank, the trading atmosphere was quiet, and the mainstream transaction was yuan/ton. In terms of unit start-up, Sichuan Lutianhua methanol unit has insufficient load and stable shipment; The production load of two sets of methanol plants with a total of 350000 tons in Chongqing is very low. Some manufacturers implement the contract, some products are for their own use, and there is not much export sales. A 90000 T/a methanol plant in Yibin, Sichuan is in shutdown

phenol: the market trend is weak and the price declines slowly. The market demand is still sluggish, and the trading atmosphere is light. Under the continuous production reduction of phenol manufacturers, the overall stock of the market is not high, but the supply of goods is still relatively loose due to the shrinkage of transactions. Buyers are very cautious. When traders export, the effective travel of the pulling machine needs to be 480 ~ 690mm, and the goods are slow, and the price continues to decline. In the aftermarket, if the transaction cannot recover effectively, the market will be difficult to improve. However, the cost support is strong, while the upstream raw material market is gradually stabilizing, and the short-term market remains volatile. At present, the market quotation of phenol in Southwest China is yuan/ton

acetone: the market trend is stable and the price fluctuates slightly. Recently, there has been little change in the upstream raw material market. The operation of acetone plant is low, and the increase of market supply is limited, but the demand is still weak, it is difficult to recover in the off-season, the trading atmosphere is relatively flat, the shipments of traders are weak, and the transaction price of large orders has been reduced. In the aftermarket, the lack of downstream construction continues to restrict market demand, the popularity is relatively low, and the weak transaction makes the market lack of action, mainly low-level shocks. At present, the market quotation of acetone in Southwest China is yuan/ton

acetic acid: the market transaction is flat, and the price is adjusted in a narrow range. The acetic acid Market in Southwest China continues to fluctuate in the box. The demand of downstream industries has not improved, and the upward trend of acetic acid market lacks power. However, due to the production reduction measures taken by production enterprises after losing profit space, the gap between supply and demand has been gradually narrowed, and the space for price decline has been closed. Therefore, the market will remain low. In the future, when the transaction volume continues to shrink, the market has a strong wait-and-see mentality, and it is difficult for the short-term market to improve. At present, the market quotation of Southwest acetic acid is yuan/ton

vinyl acetate: the market fluctuated downward, and the price fell sharply. Recently, the trading atmosphere in the southwest vinyl acetate Market is very low, and the deep decline in the upstream and downstream markets has led to widespread panic in the market, with very few transactions, buyers waiting to leave the market, and serious oversupply. The production of the main vinyl acetate units in this region is normal, the inventory of enterprises is high, and the price is constantly falling. Traders have poor sales and strong shipping intention, and their quotations have been significantly reduced. In the future, the market trading atmosphere was light, the demand of downstream industries shrank, and traders continued to look down on the market. At present, the market quotation of vinyl acetate in Southwest China is/ton

polyvinyl alcohol: the market atmosphere is depressed, and the price has fallen sharply. The main polyvinyl alcohol units in Southwest China operate normally, and the market spot quantity is very sufficient. The downstream demand has entered the off-season stage at the end of the year. Coupled with the continuous decline in the prices of related chemical products, the market sentiment is low, and the trading intention is very low. At present, the price of upstream raw material vinyl acetate continues to fall sharply, the pricing space of polyvinyl alcohol continues to move down, and the supplier's shipment is not smooth, so the quotation is significantly reduced. In the future, traders are not optimistic about the market, buyers' intentions are depressed, the trading atmosphere is very depressed, and the market still has room for decline. At present, the market quotation of polyvinyl alcohol in Southwest China is yuan/ton

titanium dioxide: the market trend is stable and the price is running. The downstream demand of the southwest titanium dioxide market is relatively light, the market supply is very stable, the transaction situation is still weak, the sales of traders are general, and the market price fluctuates slightly. In the aftermarket, the market atmosphere is stable, and the sluggish transaction restricts the rise of the market, but the support of cost has a certain support for the price. At present, the market quotation of titanium dioxide R930 in Southwest China is 19000 ~ 19200 yuan/ton

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