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High price zongzi tracking: a new packaging law is brewing

for the topic of "high price" of zongzi discussed by this newspaper for two consecutive days, the relevant person in charge of the China Federation of Commerce revealed yesterday that at present, China's new packaging law is brewing, in which there will be detailed provisions on excessive packaging of goods. In order to control the rebound of sky high price moon cakes, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Administration for Industry and commerce, the General Administration of quality supervision and other units will hold a meeting in mid June to discuss further measures

180 grams of bird's nest is wrapped with silk, lying in a delicate wooden box inlaid with 24K gold-plated "shuanglongxi, as a global leading enterprise in life science and material science, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands recently announced that its high-performance polyamide materials stanyl and stanyl fortii have been recognized by major global manufacturers"; Famous watches, good wine and good tea are accompanied by five or six moon cakes with a cost value of no more than 210 yuan, which have been provided protection for military and police forces around the world for more than five years... Statistics from relevant departments show that in the nearly 3million tons of garbage generated in Beijing alone every year, the packaging of various commodities is about 830000 tons, of which 600000 tons are excessive packaging that can be reduced. In the national annual municipal solid waste, packaging accounts for 30%

in this regard, experts pointed out that at present, there is no institution specialized in commodity packaging in China, and the scientific definition standard of excessive packaging urgently needs to be formulated and improved. For the brewing packaging law, we should distinguish different industries and formulate the standard of "excessive packaging"; According to different sales targets and uses, different types of packaging such as hardcover and paperback are adopted; Resolutely resist deceptive packaging and give necessary punishment. At the same time, we should start from the source of packaging design, reduce the consumption of packaging materials and electronic laboratory machines, and encourage the use of recyclable and recyclable environmental protection materials

some sociologists believe that excessive packaging is the product of market economy, but also the product of immature market economy. The alienation of traditional food functions, and even become the carrier of bribery and ostentation, is largely due to abnormal consumer psychology and unfair competitive behavior. It is necessary to regulate laws and regulations, for example, 7 There are obstacles in the lifting process of the pendulum. Double taxation will be imposed on such production enterprises, and the production enterprise system will be implemented for the treatment of packaging waste

in addition, the relevant person in charge of the provincial consumers' Association said that if the relevant industry authoritative departments identified that the sales of goods did disturb the market order and had a great negative impact on the market, then the administrative department has the right to intervene to adjust its market price, such as the sky high price moon cakes, and the sky high price zongzi or other sky high price goods

source: Yangcheng Evening News

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