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High pressure water jet technology and its application

after more than 20 years of research, high pressure water jet technology has been widely used in coal, petrochemical, transportation, steel, machinery and other industries for cleaning, cutting and rock breaking. At present, high-pressure water jet technology has formed a systematic theoretical structure and become an independent technical discipline. The main research contents in this research direction are:

ultra short radius horizontal well drilling technology

ultra short radius refers to the horizontal well with a radius of curvature of only 0.3m drilled in the vertical wellbore. There are two major problems in drilling ultra short radius horizontal wells: extremely short radius of curvature and rock breaking. Only the United States has this technology abroad. In the research direction of this technology, the jet laboratory has solved the two major problems of directional deflecting and hydraulic rock breaking drilling, and has successfully carried out comprehensive ground tests in Zhongyuan Oilfield at present. In 1997, the first ultra short radius radial horizontal well in China was successfully drilled in Liaohe Oilfield, filling a technical gap in China

high pressure water jet perforation technology

high pressure water jet perforation makes full use of hydraulic action to burst casing and formation. The perforation depth is about 3 meters, which greatly exceeds the formation pollution zone near the well, and overcomes the secondary pollution caused by the powder pressure effect of shell perforation. It is an effective new technology for well completion, formation reconstruction and enhanced oil recovery in low permeability formations. After seven years of research, the high-pressure water jet research center has successfully developed a prototype of the "high-pressure water jet deep penetration perforation device", which is undergoing indoor and field tests

high pressure water jet treatment near well formation stimulation and injection technology

the tool is composed of filter, unidirectional device, centralizer, damper, rotating nozzle and nozzle. During construction, the oil pipe is used to send the tool to the downhole perforated interval, the ground cement truck starts the pump to pressurize, and the high-pressure water is sent to the nozzle through the oil pipe. The rotation speed of the nozzle is controlled by the damper. The tool moves up and down slowly while rotating in the perforated interval, which can produce three physical effects: low-frequency rotating hydraulic pulse wave, high-frequency cavitation shock wave, cavitation noise ultrasonic wave. The three effects are combined to achieve the purpose of plugging removal and injection increase. The tool company has imported a batch of professional scientific research equipment from the United States and Germany, such as high-end hardness tester, thermal deformation tester, pendulum impact tester, etc. the construction is simple, the energy is concentrated, the treatment depth is large, and there is no pollution. Parameters can be selected according to different types of blockage Since 1995, this technology has been popularized and applied in Liaohe, Shengli, Dagang, North China, Changqing, Daqing, Xinjiang and other oilfields. At present, nearly 300 oil wells and water injection wells have been constructed with an effective rate of more than 90%. The average oil increase in oil wells is 20%-30%, and the average water injection increase in water injection wells is 30%-130%. The validity period is more than 90 days. It has good economic and social benefits

research on self resonating cavitating jet technology

performance standard of self resonating cavitating jet: gb/t230.2 national standard and jjg112 verification regulation are a new type of jet obtained by modulating continuous jet into pulse jet according to transient flow theory and underwater acoustic principle, and saving image in the form of image file and introducing image into cavitation. This kind of jet can produce huge pressure oscillation and strong cavitation, and has stronger cutting, crushing, cleaning and decontamination effects than ordinary jet under the same conditions

high pressure water jet cleaning oil pipe technology

high pressure water jet cleaning oil pipe is to use the strong impact of water jet to directly peel off and wash away the dirt and various blockages in the pipe, without damaging the oil pipe body. The technology uses the cleaning water as the cleaning medium, which greatly reduces the cost, improves the working environment of workers, and reduces the labor intensity

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