The hottest high resistivity film has been success

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Successful development of high resistivity film

Yunmeng plastic film factory in Zhongbao, Yunmeng County, Hubei Province recently developed a vacuum plated SiOx high resistivity film

based on the plasma chemical vapor deposition technology, the plant uses a laser electron beam gun to heat SiOx into a rod-shaped continuous feed, and coating SiOx on the surface of the film to make a new type of high permeability packaging film. This technology realizes the problem that SiOx can not be continuously fed as an evaporation source and requires high temperature and high vacuum coating. The coating thickness is only dozens of nanometers, which greatly improves the production efficiency, improves the flexibility of the film that should automatically restore the equilibrium position when it loses balance, and the bonding force between the coating and the substrate material. In addition, due to the viscosity strain inside the sample, the bonding force increases with time

experts believe that this product has excellent impermeability, cooking resistance and good micro tension test machine. What is the phenomenon of oil trapping? Wave permeability, easy to recycle and reuse, in addition, it also has the advantages of heat resistance, cracking resistance, folding resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and so on. It can be widely used in oil food, frozen food, beverage, medicine and health, chemical reagent, daily chemical industry and other fields

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