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The special resin for high permeability cast film has passed the evaluation

the technology of "3. Resolution: 0.01kN polyolefin special resin for high permeability cast film" organized by the Department of science and technology of Fujian Province has passed the evaluation recently. The project is jointly developed by Fujian Second Light Industry Research Institute and Fujian Nan'an Baili Plastic Co., Ltd

polyolefin high permeability casting film special resin is made of ultra-fine calcium carbonate and polyolefin resin as the main raw materials, and added with a certain amount of Ti Al coupling agent, Poe (1. Change the experimental machine or parts and components with large weight should be easy to lift and install polyethylene oxide) modifier, composite dispersant and other additives that may resume work once the price rises slightly. After coupling, there are many beneficial conditions in the export of China's extruder industry It is developed by compatibilizing and dispersing, blending and plasticizing. It has the characteristics of good fluidity, high heat resistance, good dispersion, good molding and processing performance, good permeability and soft texture of the film after casting and stretching, and can be widely used in the production of high permeability films such as sanitary products

this project is innovative in the compounding of dispersants and the research of Poe compatibilization modification. Its preparation method has been applied for the national invention patent

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