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The curtain of "high standard construction of xiong'an New Area" opened, and xiong'an's largest prefabricated building exhibition attracted attention

the curtain of "high standard construction of xiong'an New Area" opens, and xiong'an's largest prefabricated building exhibition attracts attention

March 22, 2019

"high standard construction of xiong'an New Area" was once again written into the government work report

on March 5 every year, Premier Li Keqiang's government work report will become the focus of national and even world attention, and this year is no exception. "The coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei focuses on relieving Beijing's non capital functions, and building xiong'an new area with high standards" was once again written into the government work report

xiong'an new area is about to enter the stage of "high standard construction"

before the opening of the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, the first delegate channel of the two sessions in 2019 will be opened. Chen Gang, member of the Standing Committee of Hebei provincial Party committee, vice governor, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of xiong'an new area, said in an interview that the top-level design of the planning of xiong'an new area has been completed and will soon enter the stage of large-scale substantive construction. In 2019, it will face the construction scene of tower cranes and skyrocketing construction

"xiong'an quality" has become a new industry benchmark. Prefabricated buildings have exploded in the 100 billion market

"xiong'an quality" has become a new industry benchmark. The blueprint for the new area is slowly unfolding, with infrastructure construction taking the lead. The large-scale construction of xiong'an new area is bound to accelerate the pace of high-quality development of China's building materials industry. The State Council approved that the "master plan of xiong'an New District in Hebei (2018-2035)" proposed to "improve the standards related to green buildings and energy conservation, and comprehensively promote the design, construction and operation of green buildings."

as the representative of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform in the construction industry, prefabricated buildings have ushered in a valuable period of historical opportunity. It is reported that the proportion of prefabricated buildings in xiong'an new area will reach 80%-90%, providing 100 billion market space for the prefabricated construction market

from "pan xiong'an" to "national model"

the construction of xiong'an new area, from design to material selection, undoubtedly shows that China is moving towards high-end and internationalization. Therefore, xiong'an new area is bound to become the largest demonstration highland of green energy-saving buildings and a model city for the use of green building materials in China, and has a far-reaching impact. If enterprises can participate in xiong'an construction, once the products are selected, it will undoubtedly make the most powerful brand endorsement for the quality of products, and it is likely to be promoted to national applications. Thus derived from "pan xiong'an" to "national model"

carry forward the concept of green environmental protection development and create a high-end business docking platform

in order to carry forward the concept of environmental protection development of building materials for the green Huaibei aluminum based high-end metal material industry base, and to promote the development of prefabricated buildings in xiong'an new area, DeVos international exhibition successfully held two exhibitions of prefabricated buildings and green building materials in the packaging city square of Xiong County on April and September 2018 after preliminary research and investigation. As the first large-scale professional exhibition since the establishment of the new area, it has received extensive attention and strong support from exhibitors and users. The successful holding of the conference is to promote the development of xiong'an Convention and exhibition industry and convey and publicize green to people in the new area. 3 After the power supply is restored to normal, the concept of living and green building has played a positive role in helping the development of prefabricated buildings and green building materials industry

looking for industry opportunities and seeking enterprise development

in order to continue to promote the construction of green smart xiong'an, it is co sponsored by China Green Building Materials Industry Development Alliance, Zhongguancun human settlements environmental engineering and Materials Research Institute, xiong'an Development Committee of China Building Materials Circulation Association, and DeVos International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd, The "third Xiong installation and matching building and green building materials exhibition" organized by Beijing Jianyi Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. from three aspects of molding process and material formula will continue to be held at Xiong County Packaging City Square in xiong'an new area from May 6 to 8, 2019! With the theme of "green as the medium - meet the eternal city and build a great beauty xiongan", the exhibition has 1000 standard booths and a display area of 20000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 500 industry leaders from home and abroad. China xiong'an group, China Construction First Engineering Bureau Group, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau, China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau, China Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, Central South construction, China Railway Second Engineering Bureau fifth company, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. xiong'an branch, China Communications Second Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., China Communications First Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., China Communications Third Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., MCC Construction Engineering Group, China Metallurgical Tiangong China Coal Construction Group, China railway construction, China Urban Investment fifth Bureau, China Railway Shanghai Bureau, China Railway First Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Second Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway fourth Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway 18th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Engineering Group, China Hydropower fourth Bureau, China Railway 10th Bureau, China Railway Group, Chinalco International Engineering Co., Ltd., China Railway Co., Ltd China National Offshore Engineering Construction Administration Co., Ltd. and other units organized a group to visit, and the professional audience will reach more than 25000 person times

the innovation exhibition area is set up to gather the advantages of the whole industry chain

as a high-quality prefabricated building business negotiation exhibition in xiong'an new area and attracting the attention of the industry, the third xiong'an installation and matching building and green building materials exhibition will be closely combined with the construction pace of xiong'an. In the setting of the exhibition area, the innovation adopts the mode of 1+7+3, that is, a prefabricated building green building materials theme exhibition area; Seven special exhibition areas: special exhibition areas for ultra-low energy consumption buildings, special exhibition areas for urban water supply and drainage, special exhibition areas for building waterproofing, special exhibition areas for building electrical, special exhibition areas for underground pipe gallery and sponge city construction, special exhibition areas for smart site equipment, and special exhibition areas for Entrepreneurship and innovation; Three high-quality Forums: 2019 xiong'an installation and matching building innovation and development forum, 2019 xiong'an green building materials industry development and innovation forum, and 2019 xiong'an infrastructure investment and financing summit

One of the organizers of this exhibition, Zhongguancun Institute of human settlements and environmental engineering and materials, specially set up an innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition area, inviting professors and experts in related fields from more than 20 famous universities and institutions, such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of science and technology, Beijing University of technology, Beijing Forestry University, to open an innovation and entrepreneurship and technological achievements transfer and transformation exhibition area. Provide an efficient communication platform for exhibitors, visitors and exhibitors in the mass entrepreneurship and innovation exhibition area, realize the grafting of high-tech new materials, new processes and new technologies with the traditional building materials industry, promote the upgrading of the traditional building materials industry to the green building materials industry, and explore the application of new green building materials and technologies in the construction of xiong'an new area

precise matching of project docking

in order to meet the needs of exhibitors to expand a broader market, the Organizing Committee of the conference has carried out in-depth cooperation with the co organizer Beijing Jianyi Investment Development (Group), and set up project docking meetings during the exhibition to provide exhibitors with high-quality project resource docking. At that time, more than 30 prefabricated construction project units and real estate developers with procurement needs, such as Greenland, Vanke, Longhu real estate, China Resources Group, Xuhui group, contemporary real estate, COFCO real estate, China Railway Real estate, Beijing Jinyu group, will be invited to the exhibition site to conduct one-on-one accurate business exchanges and negotiations with exhibitors, so as to promote the successful docking of projects

launch a heavy attack on the xiong'an standard local government exhibition group

the on-site organizer of the exhibition will invite relevant national ministries and commissions, the New Area Management Committee, industry business (Association), heads of large central enterprises/state-owned enterprises, and representatives of industry leading enterprises to attend. Moreover, Fuyang, Suqian and other local governments/parks organized excellent enterprises to form local exhibition groups to participate in the exhibition, which contributed to the docking of xiong'an standards and the development of local building materials

combine advantageous media resources to build industry brands exhibition

as the strategic cooperation media of this exhibition, China building materials news, China building materials news, China BIM, etc. will track and report the exhibition. At the exhibition site, CCTV will conduct one-on-one in-depth reports on the participating enterprises. At the same time, a media interview room will be set up on the site to invite the leading guests attending the opening ceremony and the representatives of the leading enterprises of the exhibitors to interview. The new products, new technologies and new things at the exhibition will be displayed to you at the first time

this exhibition aims to build an important platform for market expansion, brand promotion, business negotiation, mutual reference and interaction, and become a booster for the prefabricated building and green building materials industry in xiong'an. During the exhibition, the technological innovation award of China's prefabricated building products, the excellent supplier of China's prefabricated buildings, the most widely used award of China's green building materials, and the technological innovation award of China's green building materials will also be held. At present, the preparatory work of the exhibition has entered the final stage of improvement. Let's look forward to this industry event focusing on the cutting edge

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