Glucose and fructose detection solution in the hot

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Glucose and fructose detection solutions in fructose syrup

I. Introduction to fructose syrup:

fructose syrup is a starch sugar crystal made from the hydrolysis and isomerization of plant starch, and it is an important sweetener. This product is colorless fangdaining or light yellow, transparent viscous liquid. The sweet taste is soft, with the unique aroma of fructose syrup, without peculiar smell. No visible impurities in normal vision. Because its composition is mainly fructose and glucose; So it is called fructose syrup. Fructose syrup is a mixed biological enzyme conversion syrup composed of glucose and fructose, and it is also a high sweetness starch sugar. It perfectly combines the excellent wear resistance of rubber and the low specific gravity characteristics of EVA. In addition to being used as a sugar source to replace sucrose in food processing, fructose syrup also has excellent characteristics that sucrose does not have, such as in taste, the colder the sweeter; Sweetness; It has no concealment in flavor; Low freezing temperature, and its functional role in nutrition and metabolism. In the national standard gb/t fructose syrup, it is divided into two types: F42 (fructose syrup with fructose content not less than 42% [dry matter]) and F55 (fructose syrup with fructose content not less than 55% [dry matter]). The quality requirements are:

for fructose, the components of the cleaning pulp of the parts should be controlled first. At present, HPLC method is often used for control

II. Instrument configuration scheme:

lc-p310 high pressure constant flow pump: 1

RI differential refractive index detector: 1

lc-co310 column incubator: 1

lc-310 pump control workstation (with sampling function): 1 set of

7725i manual sampling valve: 1 set of

liquid chromatography column: CA type cation exchange column (7.9mm*300mm, 10um): 1

glucose standard and fructose standard substance.: 1 bottle each. This carbon fiber composite chassis will be applicable to Corvette C7 series models

III. experimental method:

reference standard: gb/t fructose syrup

IV. experimental spectrogram and verification data:

glucose and fructose mixed standard spectrogram:

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