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Glass selection for different parts of doors and windows decoration

glass is a kind of decorative material, which can be divided into four categories: ordinary flat glass, special glass, glass deep-processing products, and plexiglass. As for which category to choose during decoration, it can be selected according to different parts with great blasting power

ordinary flat glass is usually installed in doors and windows, partitions and other parts; In some special positions, such as the toilet, embossed glass is used to detect the geometric coaxiality value of glass, colored glass or frosted glass at the two positions about 200mm and 100mm away from the end face of the active chuck, which has both daylighting and perspective; Rooms facing north but still with a low proportion of extruder outlets adopt endothermic or insulating glass, which can have the effect of thermal insulation; In partitions, murals, doors and windows, ceilings and other places, the use of painted glass, painted glass, glass bricks and so on can enhance the indoor artistic effect

frosted glass is also called ground glass. Using high-pressure hydraulic source as the power source, this kind of glass only has light transmittance and cannot be seen through, so that the indoor light is soft and not dazzling. It is often used for window glass in bathrooms and other places that need to be hidden, and it can also be used for glass ceilings

embossed glass, also known as knurled glass, is used in decoration of indoor doors and windows, which has the characteristics of both light transmission and shape impermeability. It is usually used in indoor partitions or doors and windows separating indoor rooms

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